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Mzemo’s ultimate mission is to educate the general public by providing a forum that strives to highlight issues of relevance to human rights, racism, freedom, and democracy in the form of daily news, commentary, and more. Mzemo doesn’t speak on behalf of any political party or champion any specific political agenda. 

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Palestine is Entrenched In the Heart of Qatar World Cup

 Palestine is tightly entrenched in the hearts of the fans in qatar world cup while showing all aspects of solidarity with Palestinians. 

The Scope of inter-religious pluralism within Islam

Even though pluralism is a loaded term, its generic meaning suggests a phenomenon of peaceful coexistence between entities of diverse cultural, religious, and political inclinations. It is important to remember that pluralism does not mean the elimination of difference, nor does the word “tolerance” do justice to its intended purpose. 

COP27 Climate Change Summit: Greenwashing Scam Imperilling Human Rights

Morally, politically and economically COP27 climate change summit has been coined as a greenwashing scam imperilling human rights.

Qatar FIFA 2022, A Civilized Model Of Islam

Qatar imposed laws regarding the FIFA World Cup 2022 taking into consideration the Islamic theme making Qatar FIFA 2022 a civilized model of Islam. 

The World Cup in Qatar and Die-hard Western Racism

The current FIFA World Cup event has revealed that western racism against the others is still active and far from being dormant or historical.

The Forgotten Jammu Massacre

 The impact of partition in Jammu and Kashmir was seen in the form of Jammu massacre which was orchestrated by RSS. 

Is Zionism Truly Anti-Nazism?

In its rabid efforts to demonize Israel’s Palestinian victims, the Zionist propaganda machine, known as Hasbara, repeatedly cites a famous meeting between Palestinian national leader Hajj Amin Husseini, and German  Führer Adolph Hitler in 1941, as an “indicting evidence” proving Palestinian collaboration with the Nazis.  In fact, Zionist propagandists weaved and continue to weave all sorts of farfetched tales concerning that inconsequential meeting. 

What is wrong with BJP’s Appropriation of Sardar Patel?

It was Sardar Vallabhai Patel’s 147th birth anniversary last week. Patel worked with Mahatma Gandhi as a freedom fighter during India’s anti-colonial struggle and served as independent India’s first Deputy Prime minister and Home Minister under Jawahar Lal Nehru. 

Christians must not dance with Israeli apartheid under the guise of fighting anti-Semitism

It has been revealed that major Christian Churches in the UK succeeded in forcing former British Prime Minister Liz Truss, to reconsider earlier thoughts of moving the British embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Israeli

Iran is certainly not  Garden of Eden for Human Rights, but the West is absolutely  hypocritical

The ongoing sustained propaganda war by the U.S., Britain and other Western countries against Iran for violating the human rights and civil rights of women is not altruistic. 

“The Worst is Yet to Come”— Recession 2023 & the Looming Uncertainty

Recession 2023 is just around the corner. The global economic crises are now inducing the certainty of a looming recession. Economists and financial organizations warned of upcoming uncertainty; however, regrettably, the world failed to decode the uprising of the economic catastrophe. Recession

Hindutva Activists Call for Economic Boycott of Muslims 

Days before the Hindu festival Diwali, Twitter is full of anti-Muslim hatred. One of the trending hashtags on Twitter is “Halal Free Diwali”. It seems like a well-orchestrated campaign against businesses owned by Muslims or catering to Muslims. Through this social media campaign, Hindutva activists and supporters are calling for the boycott of Halal-certified products. Economic Boycott

Muhammed: The Greatest Man To Walk On Earth 

Prophet Muhammad excelled in every sphere, as a husband, as a father, as a teacher, as a leader,  as a judge and as a peacemaker. Muslim

The US And Israel Are Weaponizing Iran Protests

 The US and Israel have weaponized Iranian women’s struggle after the tragic killing of Mahsa Amini.It does a disservice to the women in Iran.

How Colonialism Continues To Shape India’s Economy?

Colonialism continues to shape India's economy. This article analyses the debates in the colonial political economy of India. 

Death Of Mahsa Amini: How Governments Are Denying Women’s Right To Choice?

Women's right: On this divided internet, can we at least agree that punishing women for not wearing hijab is wrong and medieval?

The Western Hypocrisy Of Russia V Israel Reveals An Outrageous Moral And Legal Duplicity

Western hypocrisy revealed as we see different responses to Russia's annexation of land in Ukraine compared to Israel's continued annexation. International Law

Israel Has No Right To Exist If Palestine Has No Right To Exist

 Why many people around the world have serious, and credible objections about "the crime against humanity and apartheid state known as Israel. Palestine

Pakistan’s Climate Crisis: A Peek Into The Apocalyptic Future That Awaits

The Climate Change has famine looming in Pakistan, a high threat of a malaria epidemic and over 1500 people dead, 552 of them children. 

Sheikh Yousef Al-Qaradawi :1926-2022

Sheikh Yousef Al Qaradawi was a vocal critic of autocratic Arab dictatorships which often use Islam to justify their tyrannical rules. He died peacefully in Doha, Qatar, at the age of 96. 

The Killing Of Mahsa Amini And Other Crimes Against Women- Double Standards Of International Media

 The Killing of Mahsa Amini And Other Crimes Against Women- Double Standards of International Media. Crimes against women that happened.  Women's Rights

The Case of the Gyanvapi Mosque Explained

 The Gyanvapi mosque complex is embroiled in a conflict that has yet again fuelled communal tensions in India. Islamophobia

Political Activities Resume In Kashmir After Three Years

Political activities resume in Kashmir after a hiatus of more than 3 years. Elections preparations are also underway. Kashmir Issue

Rectifying Nuclear Imbalance With Israel Should Be A Strategic Priority For Egypt, SA And Turkey

He Fight Against  The Israeli nuclear arsenal continues to represent an existential strategic nightmare to hundreds of millions of Muslims in the Middle East. Zionist

Pakistan Flood Puts Climate Injustice in the Spotlight: the Age of Catastrophe

He Fight Against Climate Injustice: About One-third of Pakistan is Currently Underwater From Floods, With Over 1500 Deaths. Here's a Detailed Report. climate change

Sabra And Shatila: A Wound That Won’t Heal

The Sabra and Shatila massacre is one of the many massacres carried out by Israel with the help of Lebanese right-wing parties, which claimed the lives of 3,000 people on a continuous slaughter for three days. racism

Myanmar’s International Tongue Supports Palestine, Hates Normalization!

Israeli steps have recently accelerated in consolidating public normalization with a growing number of Arab and Islamic countries. Since many Arab countries no longer see “Israel” as their enemy, yet their indispensable ally in their war against people and seizing the future of peace, technology and innovation. cultural boycott

Myanmar’s Genocide On The Rohingya Muslims: An Inspiring Interview With A Heroic Refugee

Rohingya Muslims are still waiting for justice and the protection of their human rights after the Myanmar military launched a brutal regime of ethnic cleansing in Rakhine State on the 25th of August, 2017.  Human Rights 

Islam In 2075: World’s Largest Religion!?

Did you know that Islam is growing faster than the world’s population, and it will become the world’s largest religion by 2075? Read More

The Myth Of Israeli Democracy

Israel, the racist apartheid entity, doesn’t stop bragging about being a flourishing democracy.Read More

Is Saudi-Israel Normalization On The Way?

For the first time for any US president, Joe Biden is heading to Saudi Arabia directly from Israeli territory. Read More

Bollywood’s Portrayal Of Kashmir

For Bollywood, Kashmir has been a prime destination for shooting films and music videos for many decades, however, this practice of Bollywood’s portrayal of Kashmir has seen a journey of representation  Read More

US Supreme Court Overruled Constitutional Guarantee Of Abortion Access In Roe V Wade

In a landmark ruling on June 24th 2022, the US Supreme Court overruled the constitutional guarantee of abortion access in the US in Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health by overturning Roe v Wade. Read More

Pakistan’s Economic Crisis: Roots And Cause Explained

After the catastrophic economic downfall of Sri Lank, another populous South East Asian country is standing amidst an ever-growing financial turmoil. With the national currency hitting new lows, depleting foreign reserves, and political instability, Pakistan’s economic crisis is worsening with every passing day. Read More

Best Prescription For Wooing Voters In Israel: Spill More Palestinian Blood


It is well-known in Israel that the popularity of any candidate for Prime Minister is measured in proportion to the number of Palestinians he has killed and the amount of blood he has shed. Read More

Why Should Dignified Muslims Never Normalize With Israel?

Normalizing relations with Israel by a number of undemocratic Arab and Muslim countries has become a fashionable trend which induced Israel to further torment the Palestinians and even try to liquidate their cause. In Islamic theology, Shirk or Polytheism (that is associating gods with the creator) is not merely a grave sin. Read More

From The Womb Of Suffering, Gazans Speak Out

Once upon a time, a beautiful, prosperous nation lived in harmony. The land the nation lived on was small in expanse, but its placement was tremendously convenient for its people. Read More

The Power Of Freelancing Work In Gaza

I was a university student trying my best to afford the high university fees. At the same time, I couldn’t stop thinking about the girl I love. So, I started looking for a way out! I was very good at translation and writing; however, I didn’t know the best practices to employ the skills I had. I joined Gaza Sky Geek’s Freelance Academy. Read More

Roe V. Wade

world divided by COVID 19 and mainly in denial over climate change is yet again finding itself weighing the value of science against misleading beliefs over abortion rights. Fueled by Roe v. Wade case’s overruling, the internet is today fuming with abortion misinformation. Read More

Let Iran Have The Bomb!

I detest Iran’s dark embrace of the Hitlerian regime of Damascus, but Tehran does have a right to possess a Nuclear deterrent. Read More

Maritime Boundary Demarcation: Hezbollah Says Final Words

There isn’t a close solution to the demarcation file position between Lebanon and Israel.This opens the door to questions about the security situation on Lebanon’s southern border. Read More

Police Attach Properties In Kashmir For Harbouring Militants


The Indian government recently attached five residential houses in Kashmir’s capital Srinagar. The Jammu and Kashmir administration alleged that the houses were used for “harbouring terrorists”. According to Srinagar Police, the owners of these residential houses were “wilful harbourers” of terrorists. Read More

Pakistan Must Not Normalize With The Devil


Without Islam, Pakistan is a part of India. Islam is the ultimate raison d’être of the Pakistani state. Anyone denying this cardinal fact is either thoroughly ignorant, or consumed by hatred for the final heavenly message to mankind. In both cases, such people shouldn’t be taken too seriously.As to the haters, the fire of their own blind hatred will eventually  take care of them as Imam Shafie said “Fire will consume itself if it finds nothing to consume.” Read More

Will The PA Renounce The Two-State Solution Strategy And Opt For Equal Rights In A Unitary Bi-National State?

The two-state solution has been the sacred cow of the Arab-Israeli peace process for the past 40 years. The effectively moribund Palestinian Authority  (PA) continues, knowingly or otherwise, to count on the US, to eventually force intransigent Israel to end its 55-year-old military occupation of the Occupied territories. Read More

Is Iran Really The Enemy?

Joe Biden’s visit to Israel was hailed as historic, as it aimed to further perfect Israel’s ability to wage aggression against Arabs and Muslims in the region.But it is increasingly clear that the main purpose of the much-heralded visit was to mobilize certain Arab states against neighbouring Iran,while carefully ignoring the gargantuan perils posed by the belligerent Israeli apartheid entity. Read More

Europe Complicating Its Green Ambitions Amidst Extreme Heatwaves

A rare warning is in place. For the first time, the UK has released a red weather warning for extreme heat. Scorching amidst its earliest and hottest heatwaves in record, Europe is now at the forefront of climate change-instigated calamity. But, what is driving the unseasonably brutal heat in sweltering Europe? And exactly, how dire is the situation? Here’s an explainer: Read More

Pakistan’s March Towards Democratic Reform

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) on Sunday, emerged as a clear winner in the crucial Punjab Assembly by-elections. PTI won 15 of the 20 seats that went to the polls. The seats had been vacated after the disqualification of PTI members who had voted for the rival party PML-N’s candidate for Punjab Chief Minister’s office. PML-N, who had fielded PTI turncoats in all but one constituency could win only four seats. Read More

Global Financial Crisis: Why Recession 2022 Would Be Unlike Any Other?

Skyrocketing inflation and higher interest rates are setting the stage for a massive global financial crisis. The world’s major economies are staring at a steep recession.According to the eminent report agency, Namoura countries, including the likes of the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Canada, Australia, and the Euro-zone, are heading into a recession by the end of 2022. Read More

Accelerating Deforestation In The Amazon Severely Threatens Climate Change Crisis

Accelerating deforestation in the Amazon rainforest has reached record levels in the first six months of 2022, threatening the ongoing climate change crisis. Deforestation has increased by 20% since 2021. Scientists have warned that the rainforest is reaching a “tipping point”, contributing to a climate apocalypse as we wait in existential oblivion. Read More

Gujrat Riots: Has Indian Democracy Breathed Its Last?

The Supreme Court of India recently gave a clean chit to PM Narendra Modi following the 2022 Gujrat riot case.What may seem like justice to a long-held case is a dark night for all the families who bled during those riots. The decision to provide clean chit to 64 accused people, including PM Narendra Modi, is sought to be unfair by several political analysts. Read More

The Merge: Should You Be Worried About Ethereum’s Most Awaited Upgrade?

For over two years, Ethereum developers have been working on Ethereum’s massive software update, known as The Merge. As part of a multi-phased upgrade to address Ethereum’s security and scalability model, the upgrade with switch the Ethereum network from the Proof of Work (PoW) consensus to the Proof of Stake (PoS) model. Read More

Russia Could Force U.S. To Lift Sanctions In Five Minutes If…

Every experienced observer of U.S. politics and policies in the past 60 years would readily agree that Israeli interests, security and strategic supremacy have been and continue to be the most important foreign policy consideration for successive American administrations ever since Harry Truman. Read More

Can The Russia-Ukraine Grain Agreement Ease The Global Food Shortage?

The world couldn’t be hungrier when the two warring nations, Ukraine and Russia, signed the grain deal. But, can the Russia-Ukraine Grain Agreement ease the global food shortage? Read More

World Leaders Remain Silent Over Human Rights Violations In The UAE

World leaders remain silent over human rights violations in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). A Human Rights Watch world report released in 2022 highlights how the UAE continues to invest in a “soft power” strategy by falsely concealing its nation as progressive, tolerant, and rights-respecting. However, a reality check reveals UAE’s horrendous human rights track record. Read More

Ayman Al-Zawahiri Killed In A Drone Strike By The US

United States President Joe Biden has revealed that the US killed Ayman al-Zawahiri, the leader of al-Qaeda, in an Afghani drone operation over the weekend. The operation killed him on Sunday during a CIA counterterrorism operation in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. Read More

Palestinian IT Engineers: From The Occupied Palestine To The Top Global Companies

Palestinian IT Engineers’ minds continue to prove its cleverness and worth, disregarding all the obstacles and difficulties it face and the successive crises that the region is witnessing, whether internal or external. Palestinians were not satisfied with proving this locally, so they insisted that they have their mark by which they are known outside the borders of their stolen homeland. Read More

The Aftershock Of Trauma: Reflections From Gaza In August, 2022

It’s pretty much the same news, the same incidents, the same feelings of helplessness and weakness. Everything is familiar. From the children mercilessly killed to the melancholy over youths whose lives have been stripped away due to trauma, to the women leaving their children behind . I feel drained writing repeatedly about the situation in Gaza. Nothing has changed. The most recent aggression on Gaza finished just yesterday, but the pain is ongoing. Read More

Latest Killings In Occupied Territories Portend A Tumultuous Period Ahead

The latest spate of killings in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, which claimed the lives of  as many as 48 Palestinians including at least 15 children and many other civilians, is  precipitating agitation and turmoil in the Occupied Territories. Read More Palestinian Gaza Under Attack

Will China Invade Taiwan? The Looming Danger Of World War 3 Explained

While the world is engulfed in the Ukraine-Russia war, global inflation, food shortage, and scorching heat, China is preparing to conclude its long-simmering plan to invade Taiwan. Read More  China Taiwan tensions China’s invasion of Taiwan

The Upcoming “Israeli” Elections: A Fierce Competition  Between Deadly Vipers And Venomous Snakes

All expectations indicate that the upcoming “Israeli” elections, which will take place on 1  November, will in fact be a fierce contention between the manifestly racist mainstream right represented by the Likud party,  led by former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and his competitors from the openly fascist parties such as “Yamina, ”  the Zionist settler camp and Zionist religious groups. Read More
Israeli Palestinian